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How to select the proper A/C system for your home

Room Air Conditioner

Selecting the right unit

Sometimes the need for cooling can be localized to a single room. If you are looking for a room air conditioner you need to first determine how much btu's the a/c unit needs. Here you can find a chart to help you figure out the right size. Look at the a/c units description and look for an EER of 10.0 of higher. Next you have to make sure you have enough power. The circuit should not be shared with any other major appliances and should be 15-20 amps.

Benefits of Room Air Conditioners

Room Air Conditioners can be more cost effective than Central Air If your cooling needs are localized only to one room. Their small size and relatively easy installation can keep costs down.

Central Air

Choosing or upgrading your Central Air

When choosing or upgrading your Central Air There are some factors to take into account. Today Central Air units come with a SEER (Seasonal energy efficiency Rating) rating. The Minimum SEER allowed today is 13. Look for an Energy Star Central Air Conditioner with a SEER rating of 13 or grater. Talk to a contractor and have them inspect your house to determine the proper size needed.

Benefits of Central air

Central Air Conditioning systems are convenient to use. They use a localized thermostat to control the system. Central Air can cool your whole house giving you a very high level of comfort in your own home in the summer.

Air Conditioner Service

Sometimes the refrigerant can leak, causing your system to not cool properly as well as it can cause harm to the environment. Electrical switches and relays can oxidize and corrode impeding the performance of your system. Dirty filters and Coils can cause compressors and fans to fail prematurely. Having regular service on your Air Conditioner system can extend the life of the parts and maintain a high efficiency saving you money.

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